Business Permanency

Corporate governance

Diyar Al Kuwait Real Estate Co. (K.S.C.P) is committed to apply the corporate governance principles and rules applicable in the State of Kuwait. The board of directors and the executive management believe that the governance principles should necessarily be applied in the appropriate and the most comprehensive manner to an acceptable level for a company under the supervision of ministry of commerce and industry in state of Kuwait. Hence, the company take into consideration that it should enhance its performance and keep strengthening its criteria of maintaining protection of the interests and rights of the shareholders as per the applicable laws and regulations. we dedicate high importance to follow up and permanently commit by the instructions of the supervisory authorities in this regard.

Diyar’s social responsibilities

We are an organization that believes in corporate social responsibility by conducting business with social and environmental awareness as a strong basis and ensuring that we adopt these practices as our sole corporate values.

We are driven by intensity, vision, innovation, integrity, intellectual curiosity and a strong sense of investment and ethical values.

We believe in focusing not only on the scope of our social responsibility within our own field of business but also expanding our social compliance activities to our supplier that we are actively engaged with .Considering to improve and enhance their social compliance levels gradually is one of our key objectives.

Green Corporate Social Responsibility

Diyar Al Kuwait provides a safe and healthy working environment for employees by ensuring the safety of preventive measures and adherence to safety and security policy. We believes in green responsibility and the environmental aspect of CSR – the duty to cover the environmental implications of the company's operations and the minimization of practices that might adversely affect the amusement of the country's resources by future generations.